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Art Classes in Montreal

The Visual Arts Centre provides numerous art classes in Montreal. Our School of Art is the largest bilingual independent non-profit art school in Canada and has been involved in the teaching of art for over 70 years. We receive almost 4000 registrations per year, from students of all ages and walks of life. Bilingual classes are available at all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) on weekdays and weekends, all year round! We are also please to offer online courses to students all over the world.

Each season, there is a variety of new courses, workshops, intensives, and lectures, along with our core courses. Our most popular arts classes in Montreal and online include drawing classes, painting classes, photography classes, printmaking classes, jewellery classes, and ceramics classes. If you’re a new student and want help designing your curriculum, don’t hesitate to call our Registrar or drop by and see us. We’d be pleased to assist you.

If you would like to receive a PDF copy of our printed Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer brochure, please contact

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Our philosophy of teaching balances the development of technical skill with the encouragement of personal creativity. Admission to introductory courses is based on the interests of the student; no formal education is required. Small classes of 15 students or less allow for much individual attention. Our curriculum of approximately 325 courses annually includes most major disciplines in the visual arts, from introductory to advanced levels. Workshops by visiting artists and our own faculty enhance the program throughout the year.

As well, our McClure Gallery shares the school’s educational mandate, offering regular lectures, artists’ talks and conferences on ideas and issues of interest to the arts community.

Our community

As a cultural space, the Centre is renowned for its vibrant sense of community and engagement amongst students, artists, teachers and staff. We offer you a warm, encouraging and welcoming environment in which to develop and explore your personal creativity and pursue your artistic passions.

VAC Art Fundamentals Certificate

If you are seeking a broad-based academic training in the fundamentals of art, we propose the following core disciplines plus electives. Following the completion of 10 of the courses listed below, students receive a VAC Art Fundamentals Certificate. Includes individual guidance and meetings with the Registrar. If you plan to work towards obtaining a certificate, please contact the Registrar at 514-488-9558 to sign up!
Registration fee: $100 + course fees

Portfolio Development and Mentorship

For adults interested in developing a portfolio for advanced studies, creating a body of work for exhibition, or exploring new directions in their art practice, see the Independent Studies section and for teens, see the Teen section.

Open Studios at the VAC (for registered students only)

Fine Arts Students: Fridays, 9 am to 3:30 pm. Please contact the office (514-488-9558) for specific information as designated studios change each semester. (No teacher).

Ceramics Students: See the Ceramics section for the open studio schedule.

Registration Dates

  • Fall: August 10
  • Winter: November 1
  • Summer (children and teens): Feb. 17
  • Spring/Summer: March 2


Monday, September 7

Monday, October 12

Make-up classes will be scheduled at the end of the session

Art Classes in Montreal

Are you considering taking art classes in Montreal? We have created new pages with detailed information about our drawing classes, painting classes, and photography classes If you have any questions about these pages or any of the many other courses we offer, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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