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Visual Arts

ARTreach Programme

Director: Amber Berson
School of Art ARTreach Project Manager:
Marie-Renée Vial, Director, Fine Arts, Youth & Teens Departments
McClure Gallery ARTreach Project Manager: 

Art and Community

art school in montreal

Intergenerational Project with École primaire Charles-Lemoyne and Centre des aînés de Pointe-Saint-Charles, 2018.

ARTreach is the Visual Arts Centre’s free community outreach programme. Through a variety of projects, we reach out to and creatively engage with different populations in the broader community. Our goal is to reach those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in visual arts education. We have been actively involved in community outreach projects for over twenty years. We work collaboratively with other educational institutions, community organizations, independent artists, and social workers, lending our expertise to projects that embrace art as a means of community and individual well-being and social change.

During the pandemic, we are finding creative ways to continue our Intergenerational project in Pointe-Saint-Charles. We will be furthering our partnership with seniors from Centre des aînés de Pointe-Saint-Charles and youth from École Charles Lemoyne. Thanks to funding from an anonymous foundation, we were able to continue our Intergenerational Art Project with the Centre des aînés de Pointe-Saint-Charles and the École de Charles Lemoyne. Artist and Art Educator Zoe Compton guided these groups in exploring their local community, using textile map making. This year’s programme encouraged the participants to draw on the knowledge and skills they have gained in the previous two iterations of the project.

Until further notice, the McClure Gallery Art Hives will be online. An Art Hive is a welcoming arts-based community space that encourages self-directed and group creative learning. Participants are encouraged to experiment and exchange their knowledge and skills. With the online version of our art hive, community members will engage with mini themes that are linked to the exhibition in the gallery at the time. Zoom and social media are used to encourage an ongoing, dynamic, and collaborative dialogue between community members.

Funding ARTreach – You can help!

ARTreach projects are dependent on funding. As a non-profit registered charity, we seek funding each year from foundations, corporations, government agencies, as well as individual donors for specific ARTreach projects. In addition, we contribute ten percent of the Centre’s fundraising revenues to ARTreach programs.

A Grateful Thank You

We are deeply grateful to the many generous donors who have supported ARTreach. We extend a heartfelt thank you to an anonymous foundation for generously supporting the Intergenerational Art project, to Yellow Pad Sessions’ sponsorship of the McClure Gallery Art Hive, and to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal for their support of our digital initiatives during the pandemic, including our art hive.

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