Lynn Price



Vernissage : Thursday January 4 at 6 pm
Exhibition : January 5th to 27th

Painter Daniel Langevin creates stripped-down compositions, which question and critique the complexity of the visual environments that we are evolving within. Driven by a need for order and control over the image, he presents a personal and rigorous re-reading of its elements as he forms links between the leading currents of abstraction and the contemporary modes permitting its generation. Colour plays an important role in his work, as does rendering the act of painting visible through strict attention to the painting surface, choice of materials, and repeated use of hard-edge painting style.


Invited Curator : Harold Klunder
Vernissage : Thursday February 1 at 6 pm
Exhibition : February 2 to 24
Conference : Friday February 2 at 7 pm

As our 2018 Guest Curator, well known Canadian artist Harold Klunder brings together an exhibition of small format works by 33 women painters whose collective careers span over six decades. While the artworld has witnessed major shifts during that time, in particular the influence of feminist thought and the questioning of painting’s continued relevance as a contemporary discipline, women have persisted in creating works that are adventurous, genuine, and reflective, and which have contributed in a meaningful way to painting’s on-going re-invention. Artists include : Ann Beam, Kathryn Bemrose, Sarah Cale, Barbara Caruso, Catherine Carmichael, Gathie Falk, Nika Fontaine, Cameron Forbes, Sybil Goldstein, Eliza Griffiths, Libby Hague, Susanna Heller, Gail Hutchison, Rae Johnson, Fiona Kinsella, Dorothy Knowles, Wanda Koop, Rita Letendre, Natasha Martel, Doris McCarthy, Christiane Pflug Ciara Phillips, Annie Pootoogook, Louise Robert, Gina Rorai, Janet Stanley, Francoise Sullivan, Marion Wagschal, Diane Whitehouse, Joyce Wieland.


Vernissage : Thursday March 1 at 6 pm
Exhibition : March 2 to 24
Artist’s Talk : Thursday March 8 at 7 pm

Ito Laïla Le François’ sculptural work explores the relationship between the body and the land, along with the ways in which they resemble each other. The artist believes that we are one with nature. Her body of work presents a poetic whole, where suffering coexists with the sublime. Made of glass, ceramic, wood, and textile, the works emanate a strength that comes as much from their technical construction as their symbolism. The artist seeks to raise questions around the abusive and destructive ways in which we collectively treat the land, mirroring how we treat our bodies. At once disturbing and resounding with truth, each work speaks of the unbreakable link between humans and the spaces they inhabit.


Vernissage : Thursday March 29 at 6 pm
Exhibition : March 30th to April 21

Students registered in the School of Art’s winter session are invited to exhibit their work in our Annual Student Exhibition. The exhibition, which includes hundreds of works in a wide variety of media, gives students the experience of seeing their work in the context of a professional gallery. It also provides an opportunity for students and the public to see the great diversity of creative activity that takes place at the Centre.


Vernissage:Thursday May 3 at 6 pm
Exhibition: May 4 to 26
Talk: Thursday May 10 at 7 pm

Through their intimate nature, the paintings of Laurence Pilon have the ability to suspend desires of perfection and grandeur. Her works reveal a poetic merging of personal archeology, the everyday experience, and traces of history. The artist’s recent works reveal a sensitive vision of the world where the future contains intensified uncertainties.


Invited Curator: Qumaq Mangiuk-Iyaituk and Kathryn Delaney
Vernissage: Thursday May 31 at 6 pm
Exhibition: June 1 to 23
Talk: Thursday June 7 at 7 pm

Through a number of workshops, Qumaq Manguik-Iyaituk, Mattiusi Iyaituk, and Kathryn Delaney engaged Inuit and Non-Inuit in developing storybooks based on the personal stories told by an Inuit elder. This exhibition shares the processes and products of this yearlong series of workshops and encourages the empowerment of Inuit culture and traditional values.