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Upcoming Exhibitions – 2018-19 Season

Jessica Houston Suspended in a Sunbeam

Jessica Houston, Looking Forward, 2018. Collage, 11 x 14 po/in

Vernissage: Thursday February 7 at 6 pm
Exhibition: February 8 to March 2
Artist’s Talk: Thurs. February 28 at 6:30 pm

Colour and light are used to provoke questions related to our changing natural world, and our nature within it. These works cast a multilayered gaze on the ecosystems of the polar regions. In this exhibition, the faraway and the nearby coexist in a mutual exchange.

Guest Curator:  Michael Merrill

Yves Tessier, The Red Paint Job, 1994. Aquarelle sur papier / watercolour on paper, 23 x 50 cm

Vernissage: Thursday March 9 at 6 pm
Exhibition: March 8 to 30
Curator’s Talk: Thursday March 21 at 6:30 pm

Often considered a hobbyist’s medium, watercolour is in fact an intensely demanding and beautiful technique. Its transparent nature reveals every step and misstep and presents a conversation between the artist’s intention and the realities of the medium: paper, colour, and water. The exhibition will present a sample of contemporary artists working with watercolour.

Annual Student Exhibition 2019

Exposition annuelle des étudiants / annual student exhibition, 2018 photo: Matt Ayotte

Vernissage: Thursday April 4 at 6 pm
Exhibition: April 5 to 27

Students registered in the winter session of the Centre’s School of Art are invited to exhibit their work. The exhibition includes a variety of media. It’s a chance to appreciate the great diversity of creative activity that takes place at the Centre. Some works will be for sale.

Marie-Claude Bouthillier Matière à tableau

Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Matière à tableau, 2017. Acrylique sur laine / acrylic on wool, 30 x 30 cm

Gallery tour: Thursday May 9 at 5 pm
Vernissage: Thursday May 9 at 6 pm
Exhibition: May 10 to June 1

Marie-Claude Bouthillier has employed installation and sculpture as vehicles to express her reflections on the notion of the surface of painting, including its textile nature. The works presented in this exhibition are the result of Bouthillier’s desire to rediscover painting as a practice, which for her, now, is the refuge and support she has been searching for.

In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site
Hannah Claus, Dayna Danger, Maria Ezcurra, Sandeep Johal, Kama La Mackerel & Nadia Myre

Maria Ezcurra, Invisible, 2016. Installation textile / textile installation

Performance by Kama La Mackerel: Thursday June 6 at 5 pm
Vernissage: Thursday June 6 at 6 pm
Exhibition: June 7 to 29
Talk: Wednesday June 12 at 6:30 pm: Dayna Danger and Kama La Mackerel
Talk: Wednesday June 19 at 4:30 pm: Project Director: Shaheen Shariff, Curators: Lori Beavis, Maria Ezcurra and Natasha Reid

This exhibition will offer a dialogic and reflective artistic space to critically engage with the conditions and actions that promote or combat sexual violence. Through the work of the artists, the body will be shown to be a site for expression, empowerment, and resistance.

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