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Painting Classes in Montreal

At the Visual Arts Centre, we offer a wide array of painting classes ranging from introductory to advanced levels and including both traditional and contemporary approaches. We have painting classes for everyone – from absolute beginners to practicing artists.

Painting Classes

All painting classes are small in size (no more than 15 students per class), providing significant opportunities for students to interact with their teacher. In our professional, bright art studios, all held within our historic building, students sharpen their observation skills, enhance their hand-eye coordination, translate the visual world into artistic form, and engage in creative expression.

Each of our painting teachers, is a practicing artist. They guide students through various painting methods including working with colour mixing, colour dynamics, and diverse techniques; understanding composition; working from live models, still life, and nature studies; sketching with paint; exploring diverse painting media and incorporating mixed media; developing abstract imagery; and delving into experimental and expressive mark making. Over time, students will develop their own unique painting style.

For students who don’t have time for a full painting course or who want to explore a precise technique or approach in a workshop environment, the Visual Arts Centre offers a variety of painting workshops. Come to the Visual Arts Centre to delve into the satisfying, dynamic, and expressive world of painting!

Through expert instruction, students will have opportunities to:

  • Strengthen their painting skills through weekly in-class exercises and homework suggestions
  • Learn about and become inspired by historic and contemporary painters
  • Discuss their work and that of their peers in a positive, relaxed, and encouraging atmosphere
  • Learn from experienced professional artists
  • Explore various media, depending on the course (e.g. watercolour, oil, acrylic, mixed media, etc.)
  • Experiment with diverse approaches to painting

Painting classes in Montreal

Here are few examples of different painting classes offered at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal:

  • Watercolour I and Watercolour II
  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Introduction to Acrylic Painting
  • Introduction to Oil Painting
  • Oil Painting II
  • Landscape Painting Essentials
  • Abstract Painting or Beginners
  • Painting the Figure
  • Personal Projects
  • A Crash Course in Acrylic Painting
  • And many more…

Explore painting classes currently offered at the Visual Arts Centre.

Painting Classes FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about our painting classes in Montreal:

1. Do I need to already know how to paint?
For beginner classes, no. You will learn basic painting techniques, such as surface preparation, colour mixing and tonal values. For classes requiring a prerequisite, you should have taken those courses here, or elsewhere.

2. How quickly will I progress?
That can depend on the individual. If you do the exercises in every class and take the time to do the suggested homework, you will learn the skills covered in the course.

3. Do students take the same painting course more than once?
Yes. You can continue learning and strengthening basic techniques in the same course. As new painting subjects are used, it is not a repetition from one session to the next.

4. Will I need to buy materials?
Yes, unless otherwise indicated, materials list are provided at the time of registration for you to purchase before the session begins.

5. Do I need the prerequisite even though I’ve taken painting elsewhere, or can I go to the more advanced course?
For classes requiring a prerequisite, you should have taken those courses here, or elsewhere. It is not necessary to provide proof. The prerequisites are a guideline to assist you in registering for the right course.

We invite you to learn more about different painting classes offered at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal. If you have any questions about our courses or if you would like to register for an upcoming painting class, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and provide more information about our painting classes in Montreal.

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