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School of Art Registration

Registration Dates

August 15 (Fine Arts, Jewellery, Youth & Teens)
August 16 (Ceramics)
November 21 (Fine Arts, Jewellery, Youth & Teens)
November 28 (Ceramics)
Summer Camp (Youth and Teens):
March 6
Spring (Adults, Youth and Teens):
March 13 (Fine Arts, Jewellery, Youth & Teens)
March 20 (Ceramics)
Summer  (Adults):
May 23 (Fine Arts, Jewellery)
May 29 (Ceramics)

Start of Registration Period

  • Online registration begins at 9 am.
  • Registration by phone begins at 9 am.
  • In-person registration begins at 9 am.

Deadline for Registration

Students are encouraged to register early; deadline is 5 days prior to start of course. Later registration could result in a class cancellation due to low enrolment or the class may already be at maximum capacity.

To Register Online

You may pay online with Visa of MasterCard. If you have already taken courses at the VAC, you may log into your account using the email address you have provided and creating a password. If you are a new student, you may create an account for online registration.

Login or create an account

Register by Phone or by Mail

Phone and mail registrations are not accepted at this time.

Download Registration Form

Annual Registration Fee:

All students are required to pay an annual registration fee of $25; families are required to pay $35 Not applicable to Summer Camp or workshops. This fee is valid for one year from the session in which it was paid. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees must be paid in full before the course/workshop commences. Taxes are applicable except for children 14 and under. Childcare receipts for summer camp and winter break are issued automatically.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Student withdrawals or refund requests will not be processed by telephone; please advise the Centre in writing.
  • If the Visual Arts Centre cancels your course or workshop, you will receive a full refund.
  • If the student withdraws from a course:
    • prior to start of course, student will receive a full refund of course fees less $20 administration charge;
    • after the first class, student will receive a full refund of course fees less $20 administration charge and the cost of one class. No refund will be made after the second class.
  • If the student cancels attendance in a workshop or intensive course (1-5 days in length):
    • 48 hours prior to start of course or workshop, student will receive full refund of course or workshop fee less $20 administrative charge;
    • no refund will be made after this time.
  • Transfer Fees: a $10 transfer fee applies to any course transfers.


If the Visual Arts Centre is obliged to close due to a force majeure such as the covid-19 pandemic, all courses will be moved to an online format. We will not issue any refunds in such a situation. Courses that will not be able to be moved online are: jewellery, pottery on the wheel, and glazing. If we are forced to close the building, students registered for these three types of courses will be refunded the remaining classes.

Cancellation Policy for Youth Summer Programme

Registration must be paid in full ten days before your child attends.

Cancellations (per child, per week) for the full day Camp (from 9 am to 4 pm): written notices received before May 1: $20; up to May 31: $30; after May 31: $50. Deadline for refunds: Monday noon, one week prior to the week you wish to cancel.

Cancellations for the part-time workshops must be received before the second class. Refunds for withdrawals from a workshop after the first class also deduct the cost of one class. No refunds will be made after this time. Cancellations fees include a charge of $20 per child per session.

Transfer fees: $10 per transfer. No transfers after Mon. noon of the prior week.

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