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Curatorial Programme

The goal of our Curatorial Programme is to provide an opportunity for independent curators to present ideas, viewpoints and approaches for exhibitions that will continue to challenge and inform our public. We invite both professional curators as well as artists to submit proposals to the gallery. If you would like to discuss a theme or project before submission, please contact Amber Berson, Director, at

Curatorial projects archives

With the Seasons 

Guest Curator: Asinnajaq
Exhibition: May 6 to 26, 2022

Three Montréal Photographers+

Guest Curator: Robert Graham
Exhibition: May 7 to 29, 2021

An Artistic Dialogue: John Heward and Harold Klunder

Guest Curator: Paul Machnik
Exhibition: January 8 to 30, 2021


Guest Curator: Louise Bloom
Exhibition: September 4 to 26, 2020

In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site

Guest Curators: Lori Beavis, Maria Ezcurra & Natasha S. Reid
Exhibition: June 7 to 29, 2019

573° Catherine De Abreu, Veronika Horlik, Julie Lavoie, Guy Simoneau & Vera Vicente
Virginia McClure Ceramic Biennale

Guest Curator: Luc Delavigne
Exhibition: October 5 to 27, 2018


Guest Curator: Michael Merrill
Exhibition: March 8 to 30, 2019

Intervention: 31 Women Painters

Guest Curator: Harold Klunder
Exhibition: February 2 to 24, 2018

Brown’s Hill

Guest Curator: JoAnn Meade
Exhibition: May 26 to June 17, 2017

Conceived in Colour

Guest Curator: Leopold Plotek
Exhibition: February 3 to 25, 2017


Guest Curator: Linda Swanson
Exhibition: October 28 to November 26, 2016

Between Tradition and Innovation

Guest Curator: Beatrice Deer and Louis Gagnon

Exhibition: November 20 to December 16, 2015

Light Falls on Things: Metaphysics of Painting

Guest Curator: David Elliott
Exhibition: October 2 to 24, 2015


Guest Curator: Jean-Pierre Laroque
Exhibition: October 3 to 25, 2014

Eva Lapka: 10 years

Guest Curator: Victoria LeBlanc
Exhibition:October 18 to November 9, 2013

David Sorensen: The Ultimate Horizon

Guest Curator: Sandra Grant Marchand
Exhibition: November 2 to 24, 2012


Guest Curator: Léopold L. Foulem
Exhibition: October 5 to 27, 2012

Russell T. Gordon: Over Easy – Metaphores en series

Guest Curator: Maurice Forget
Exhibition: September 10 to October 2, 2010

Simon Bosse, Kristin Eiriksdottir, Jim Holyoak, Patrick McEown Horror Vacui

Guest Curator: Eric Simon
Exhibition: February 5 to 27, 2010

Therese Joyce-Gagnon Survol 1979-2009

Guest Curator: Hedwidge Asselin
Exhibition: May 29 to June 20, 2009

Kay Aubanel, Elisabeth Galante A Brush with Nature

Curator: Victoria LeBlanc
Exhibition: November 28 to December 20, 2008

Griffiths/Simms/Wagschal/Werner Some Girls

Guest Curator: James D. Campbell
Exhibition: September 7 to 29, 2007

Harold Klunder Amorphous Amoebae: Recent Paintings and Etchings

Guest Curator: James D. Campbell
Exhibition: April 27 to May 19, 2007

Marcel Marois

Guest Curator: Roger Bellemare
Exhibition: March 2 to 24, 2007

Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond, Eva Lapka Terre, Pierre et Fer

Guest Curator: Hedwidge Asselin
Exhibition October 6 to 28, 2006

John Heward and Sylvia Safdie Heads

Guest Curator: James D. Campbell
Exhibition: October 7 to 29, 2005

Prudence and Ross Heward Figures and Grounds

Guest Curator: James D. Campbell
Exhibition: January 7 to 29, 2005

Michel Boulanger, Renée Duval, Suzanne Joubert,
Eric Le Ménédeu, Catherine Bates, Nycol Beaulieu, Kate Busch,
Peter Hoffer, Sean Rudman. Dominique Goupil Vues du Paysage

Guest Curator: Hedwidge Asselin
Exhibition September 5 to 27, 2003

Barry Allikas, Marie-Claude Bouthillier,
Nicole Lebel, Shelley Miller, John Drew Munro Syncopation

Guest Curator: Renée Duval
Exhibition : June 7 to 21, 2002

Jean McEwan Les champs colorés

Guest Curator: Simon Blais
Exhibition January 10 to February 2, 2002

Micheline Beauchemin

Guest Curator: Rene Blouin
Exhibition November 16 to December 9, 2000

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