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Registration Dates

  • Summer 2024 (Adults):
    May 21 (Fine Arts & Jewellery)
    May 27 (Ceramics)
  • Fall 2024:
    August 7
  • Winter 2025:
    November 27

Fine & Applied Arts

Director, Fine Arts Department: Marie-Renée Vial


Director, Jewellery Department: Marie-Renée Vial


Director, Ceramics Department: Shenice Lafortune


The Natasha Reid scholarship was established in 2021 at the VAC. This scholarship is meant to support an adult facing financial or systemic barriers to arts education. The recipient does not need to be employed full-time as an artist or be working towards that. They can just be interested in art courses for pleasure, as a hobby, for therapeutic purposes or other.

The scholarship subsidizes an adult art course or workshop at the VAC in ceramics, jewellery or fine arts. Valued at $300 it does not cover the entirety of the course in every case, nor does it cover supplies.

This year, we partnered with Brique par brique an organization that brings diverse people together to build community housing and cultural centres, and with DESTA Black Youth Network, whose mandate is to to focus on the employability needs of Black youth in Little Burgundy by addressing both systemic and personal barriers to employment, such as justice involvement, housing, and lack of resources, to nominate the recipients of the scholarship.

If you’re an organization who works with adults facing financial or systemic barriers to arts education, we would like to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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