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Registration Dates

  • Spring:
    Feb. 26, 2024 (Fine Arts)
  • Summer (Adults):
    May 21, 2024 (Fine Arts)
  • Fall 2024:
    August 7
  • Winter 2025:
    November 27

Fine Arts

Director, Fine Arts Department: Marie-Renée Vial

Our Fine and Applied Arts Department offers a full curriculum. Small classes guided by professional working artists provide the ideal setting for students to pursue their chosen medium — drawing, painting, and a variety of applied arts. Courses range from introductory to increasingly advanced levels. As well, the Centre welcomes students who wish to develop their portfolios for advanced studies. Fine & applied arts workshops offer students the opportunity to explore new media or innovative techniques in a collaborative and focused atmosphere.

Portfolio Development and Mentorship

For adults interested in developing a portfolio for advanced studies, creating a body of work for exhibition, or exploring new directions in their art practice, see the Independent Studies section and for teens, see the Teen section.

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