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Photography Classes in Montreal

Discover our photography classes in Montreal. Digital photography offers an accessible, contemporary, and dynamic means for you to engage in creative expression. Here at the Visual Arts Centre, we offer introductory and advanced digital photography classes, along with specialized workshops. Whether you just bought your first SLR camera and are unsure how to begin or you are a seasoned photographer interested in expanding your technical skills, we have a photography class for you.

Photography Classes

Our photography classes offer students technical knowledge, as well as opportunities to work with the expressive side of the medium. Students also learn about historical and contemporary photo-based artists. The courses, taught by contemporary photographers, are small in size with no more than twelve students. Using their SLR cameras (students must provide their own cameras), students work with their teachers in our professional, bright art studios, all held within our historic building.

Under the guidance of their teachers, students learn how to capture the visual world in intriguing ways, enhance their observation skills, and engage in creative expression. Depending on the course, students will learn various skills and techniques, such as deciphering diverse camera operations; how to assemble effective compositions; exposure; focus; lighting; how to work with portraiture, landscapes, and street imagery; and developing creative images. Teachers guide thoughtful group discussions about students’ work. Learn how to expressively and effectively capture the world around you at the Visual Arts Centre!

Through expert instruction, students will have opportunities to:

  • Strengthen their digital photography skills through weekly in-class exercises and homework suggestions
  • Learn about and become inspired by historic and contemporary photographers
  • Discuss their photos and those of their peers in a positive, relaxed, and encouraging atmosphere
  • Work with various subjects, such as still life, portraiture, and urban environments
  • Learn from experienced professional photographers
  • Experiment with diverse approaches to digital photography

Photography classes in Montreal

Here are few examples of different photography classes offered at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal:

  • Digital Photography I
  • Digital Photography II
  • Digital Photo Essentials
  • Urban Photo Explorations
  • And more….

Explore the photography classes currently offered at the Visual Arts Centre.

Photography Classes FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about our photography classes in Montreal:

1. Do I need to already know how to use a camera?
No, you will learn basic camera functions in the Digital Photography I course. However, you should bring the instructions manual that comes with your camera, as different makes and models function differently.

2. What type of camera do I need for the course?
You need a camera with manual functions that is not completely automatic.

3. Is there a darkroom at the Visual Arts Centre?
No. These courses are entirely digital.

4. How quickly will I progress?
That can depend on the individual. If you do the exercises in every class and take the time to do the suggested homework, you will learn the skills covered in the course.

5. Do students take the same photo course more than once?
We do offer different courses during the year, so once you’ve completed Digital Photography I, you can progress to other courses.

6. Will I need to buy materials other than a camera?
You will need a computer or laptop to download your images.

7. Is this course bilingual?
The language of instruction is indicated in the course description. Because of the technical nature of this course, we do not offer this course bilingually, as we do other classes.

We invite you to learn more about different photography classes offered at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal. If you have any questions about our courses or if you would like to register for an upcoming photography class, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and provide more information about our photography classes in Montreal.

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