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Visual Arts

About VAC

The Visual Arts Centre (VAC) is the largest bilingual independent art school in Canada. Founded originally as The Potters’ Club in 1946, the Centre has been involved in the teaching of art for over 70 years. As a vibrant contributor to the city’s cultural life, the VAC offers accessible, excellent art education through its school of art (with over 300 courses and nearly 4000 student registrations each year). With courses taught by professional artists and art educators, the VAC offers diverse community members high-calibre art education. Importantly, the VAC’s McClure Gallery is a highly respected venue for the exhibition of contemporary art, which is open to all and offers dynamic art education programming. A cultural space with a strong commitment to community, the VAC represents a lively meeting place for artists, teachers, and students where exchange, engagement, and inspiration are fostered. With its open door policy and central location in the city, the VAC is an active promoter of the visual arts in the broader society.



  • To offer excellence and accessibility in the education and presentation of the visual arts.
  • To provide a welcoming, inclusive, and stimulating environment that encourages the development of skill, creativity, and critical thinking in each student.
  • To address the needs of the community through arts programming.
  • To promote and advocate for the role and benefits of the visual arts in broader society.
  • To employ art education as a means to support, enhance, and promote social justice efforts.

DEI Policy – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the VAC

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