Visual Arts    

Corporate Team Building Workshops
Building teams is an art. And art can help.

Strong teamwork is key to success in any enterprise. An organization is only as good as its people and their ability to achieve common goals, solve problems collaboratively and communicate openly and effectively.

VAC’s workshops offer a unique experience outside the corporate atmosphere. Conducted in our large, bright, fully equipped studios and led by well known Montreal artists and experienced teachers, the workshops offer a variety of artistic strategies and creative projects to choose from. Their objective: to encourage and develop creativity, intuition, team building, collaboration, thinking outside the box and right brain activity.

It has been shown that participation in creativity workshops especially in the visual arts helps employees:

  • Solve problems efficiently and creatively
  • Develop keen observation skills
  • See the bigger picture as well as details
  • Foster openness to new ideas
  • Adapt more easily to change
  • Find innovative ways to meet new challenges
  • Promote better communication, trust and respect
  • Improve office morale
  • Develop confidence in expressing oneself

Our workshops are customized to meet the needs of the client. They can be held either in the Centre’s professional art studios or on site at the workplace.

Workshop Fees:

Half – Day (3 hours):
1 – 12 participants $1000
each additional participant $ 50

One Day (6 hours):
1-12 participants $2000
each additional participant 100

  • Note: workshop expenses are tax-deductible for professional development
  • Note: Above fees do not include taxes.

Contact Information:
or tel: 514-488-9558