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Visual Arts


Key Personnel:

The administrative team at the Visual Arts Centre is comprised of specialized members who are highly passionate about our cultural community. They work hard to offer a welcoming environment and ensure that your studio experiences are inspiring.

Natasha S. Reid Executive Director
Joanne Chase Assistant Director
Cathy Ransom Accountant
Christel Khoobeelass Registrar
Catherine Deschamps-Montpetit Communications Co-ordinator
Marie-Renée Vial Director, Fine Arts Department
Marie-Renée Vial Director, Youth and Teens
Tracy Grosvenor Project Manager, ARTreach
Élise Provencher Director, Ceramics Department
Lily Lanken Head Ceramics Technician
Shenice Lafortune Assistant Ceramics Technician
Thi-My Truong Gallery Co-ordinator
Renée Duval Exhibitions Director
Jorge Saldivar Custodian

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