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Visual Arts


Key Personnel:

The administrative team at the Visual Arts Centre is comprised of specialized members who are highly passionate about our cultural community. They work hard to offer a welcoming environment and ensure that your studio experiences are inspiring.

Natasha S. Reid Executive Director
Joanne Chase Assistant Director
Cathy Ransom Accountant
Bénédicte Saupin Registrar
Caroline Rochon-Gruselle Assistant Registrar
Stephanie Reynolds Communications Co-ordinator
Elisabeth Galante Director, Fine Arts Department
Tracy Grosvenor Director, Youth, Teens and Project Manager, ARTreach
Élise Provencher Director, Ceramics Department
Lily Lanken Head Ceramics Technician
Shenice Lafortune Assistant Ceramics Technician
Thi-My Truong Gallery Co-ordinator
Renée Duval Exhibitions Director
Jorge Saldivar Custodian

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