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Camille Courier de Mèré

After studying drawing and painting (Beaux-Arts de Paris, 2001; MFA: 2014; PhD: 2022), Camille Courier developed a practice of large-format installations, often created in situ, using drawing, watercolor and ink on translucent canvases. The central subject of her artistic work explores the links between drawing gestures, light and public spaces. Since 2003, she took part in various collective and solo shows. Some of her large-scale works were chosen for public artistic commissions and are now part of public and private collections. The artist also carries out projects specially designed for performing arts (Opera National de Paris, France). Through the numerous collaborations with visual artists, theaters and dance companies, she could create paintings for various stages. Since 2015, she is involved in a university research process. The dynamics of her doctoral research-creation led her to teach visual arts at UQAM and Collège Jean de Brébeuf.





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