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McClure Gallery Art Hive

Free Art Activity

An Art Hive is a welcoming arts-based community space that encourages self-directed and group creative learning. Everyone is welcome and is recognized as an artist. Materials are provided and participants are encouraged to experiment and exchange their knowledge and skills. The Art Hives Network refers to art hives as promoting “arts-based social inclusion through small regenerative art hubs located within and between neighbourhoods across the globe”. For more information on the art hive network, please visit:

Become Inspired by our Exhibitions

With the McClure Gallery Art Hive, we will create a pop-up art hive directly in the gallery on the last Saturday of each show (except December). Using the provided materials, participants will be encouraged to make art inspired by the exhibitions in the gallery space.

Join a Community

We are the first contemporary art gallery in Montreal to host an art hive directly in the gallery space, amongst contemporary artworks. Come set your imagination free and experience the pleasure of artistic expression! These mornings filled with relaxation and inspiration encourage you to experiment, dialogue, and share your creativity. Join the art hive community to enjoy art making directly in our art gallery! Children are welcome! However, children aged 12 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Your donations are welcome!

To donate art materials, please visit the gallery during opening hours or call us (we reserve the right to refuse any donations that do not match our needs).
For monetary donations, please click here or call us (514-488-9558).

Thank you to our Sponsors:

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