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School of Art  ›  Beaux-arts/Fine Arts  ›   ›  Broderie de modèle vivant - Figure Drawing Embroidery (Automne/Fall 2023)

Broderie de modèle vivant - Figure Drawing Embroidery (Automne/Fall 2023)

In this workshop, we will explore embroidery as a form of drawing in the presence of two models. By focusing on anatomy and line quality, we’ll explore how embroidery can be used to depict the human form with a very expressive form of mark making. You’ll learn various embroidery stitches and techniques, from basic to more advanced, and discover how to use them effectively to enhance the portrayal of anatomy. Some material included.
Code: A23S-BAW04
Price: $130.00
Materials: $10.00
Teacher: Théo Bignon
Focus: Beaux-arts/Fine Arts
Semester: Automne/Fall
Year: 2023
Spots Remaining: 10
Start Date: Oct 01, 2023
End Date: Oct 01, 2023
Schedule: Sunday from 10:00 - 16:00
Costs: $130.00 + $10.00 materials + tax (if applicable)
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