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In/Visible Workshop

Art Hive / In/Visible Workshop
Sat. June 8, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, in the gallery.
Facilitators: Maria Ezcurra and Natasha S. Reid
Free. No registration required.

Touching can be a caring (or loving) gesture, but can also be a harmful act. Hands-on, Hands-off is a participatory textile project that invites us to reflect on the creative and caring power of our hands, while also acknowledging their damaging potential on others.

In this thematic Art Hive, participants will be invited to transform (write, paint, draw, sew, embroider, etc.) fabric gloves to address and represent our thoughts related to gender-based violence. Through the transformed gloves, our whole bodies will become sites for learning and also for healing, resistance, communication, and commemoration. These transformed gloves will be added to a collective artwork, also titled Hands-on, Hands-off that will be presented in the In/Visible exhibition.

Thank you to our community partner:

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