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Truth and Punishment, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, performance at the opening for The Ethical Etherealness of Fuck and Love curated by Lindsay Nixon, September 21, 2018. Photo credit: Val Bah

Performance by Kama La Mackerel

Thursday June 6 at 5 pm

This performance is part of the exhibition In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site

“there is no P. just TSD.”

In this performance, Kama La Mackerel explores the trope of the “crazy Black trans woman” as a continued state of being that exists between truth & punishment. Juxtaposing instances of freedom (“being your true self”) with punishment (“being punished for being your true self”), the artist addresses trans misogynist violence as it is condoned in all spheres of society. At once textual, textural and performative, interweaving poetry, storytelling and body movement, this performance not only exposes the constant state of crazyness that trans feminine individuals are forced to inhabit, but it also demands that the audience interrogate themselves about their own positions in upholding the boundaries of this state.

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