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VAC Teachers Exhibition 

Exhibition: March 4 to 26, 2022
Art Hive (in-person): March 26, 10:30 am to 1 pm

For the first time in nearly twenty years, the Visual Arts Centre will present an exhibition of works produced by the teachers of its art school. The Centre is proud and delighted to highlight their art and show the school’s strength, variety, and vitality. The gallery invites you to discover the organic and timeless works of ceramicist Nathalie St-Pierre alongside the soft and poetic watercolours of Elisabeth Galante and Lorna Mulligan. The powerful and sensual torso presented by Eva Lapka, former director of the ceramics department, dialogues with the historical figure of Ludivine Lachance, a work proposed by Élise Provencher, current director of the department. From a feminist perspective, Caroline Boileau and Helena Martin Franco draw us into a hybrid universe where violence cohabits with pleasure and disgust rhymes with delight. Most of the pieces have never been seen and exhibited, and most were created between 2020 and 2022. Above all these works attest to the resilience, talent and remarkable creativity of our community of artists’ teachers.

Participating artists:

Yuna Amand, Alexis Aubin-Laperrière, Claudia Balthazar, Caroline Boileau, Mylène Boisvert, Kristy Boisvert, Jessica Brouder, Véronique Buist, Guylaine Chevarie-Lessard, Zoe Compton, Susan Fowler, Annelise Gadoury, Dominique Gagnon, Dimitri Gagnon Morris, Elisabeth Galante, Gianni Giuliano, Tracy Grosvenor, Newsha Hamidi, Mary Hayes, Leona Heillig, Jennifer Jones, Corina Kennedy, Shenice Lafortune, Lily Lanken, Eva Lapka, Victoria LeBlanc, Branka Marinkovic, Helena Martin Franco, Mélanie Matthews, Madeleine Mayo, Colleen Meloche, Michael Merrill, Lorna Mulligan, Stella Pace, Julian Peters, Élise Provencher, Malika Rousseau, Justine Skahan, Nathalie St-Pierre, Noémie Sylvestre, Hazel Thexton, Pat Walsh, Jennifer Wicks, and Robert Wiseman.


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