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Jaswant Guzder

Jaswant Guzder is a Professor, McGill Department of Psychiatry, a psychoanalyst, child and cultural psychiatrist and artist. She has been Director of Childhood Disorders Day Hospital, Head of Child Psychiatry from 2004- 2018, and co- founder of the McGill Cultural Consultation Service (since 1995) where she is a senior clinical consultant. She is active in global mental health work in primarily in the Caribbean and Asia. Her recent research and writing includes topics of refugee and migrant mental health, children at risk, family therapy and cultural psychiatry. She has exhibited her art internationally and locally. Her recent art exhibitions and art seminars have been in Rome (2017) at the Museo Laboratorio della Mente and in Berlin (2020)with SAAVY International galleries. She is also an art instructor at the Visual Arts Center in Montreal.

Jazwant GuzderJazwant GuzderJazwant Guzder

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