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Alejandra Zamudio

Alejandra Zamudio is a Colombian artist currently based in Montreal. In 2019 she graduated with honors in Studio Arts from Concordia University, and since then she’s focused on making large-scale drawings, zines, and teaching art classes to kids.

Her work draws inspiration from everyday life and her childhood memories. Through recurring symbols such as guardian angels, the mother-daughter bond, menstruation, and dogs she seeks to build a magical world grounded in the mundane. She has participated in several exhibitions in Montreal and had her first solo exhibition, That Untrackable Itch for release(…) in 2017. In 2019, she participated in Arquetopia, an instructional natural dyeing and weaving arts residency in Oaxaca. In 2021, she started the ongoing periodical Creadoras: women artists zine with contributions from local and international artists.


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