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School of Art  ›  Beaux-arts/Fine Arts  ›   ›  Laissez votre trace! - Make Your Mark! (Printemps/Spring 2023)

Laissez votre trace! - Make Your Mark! (Printemps/Spring 2023)

Participants will work with one another, to create drawings with an emphasis on the process, rather than on the outcome. They will be encouraged to think of themselves and their artwork as being part of a group, rather than individually. Z’otz* will present various experimental drawing exercises. Participants will work intuitively, using “stream-of-consciousness”, letting ideas flow as they come to mind, jumping from one idea to another. They will explore mixed media including pencils, collages, markers, coloured pencils, and ink. They will investigate ideas drawn from experiences, backgrounds, histories, cultures and imagination. When the pictures are complete, the group will give them titles. This workshop is open to all, no art experience is necessary.
This workshop is a collaboration with the McClure Gallery. Z’otz collective presents an exhibition from June 2 to 23, 2023, this workshop is presented in connection with their exhibition. The workshop will be presented in English only.
Code: P23S-BAW08
Price: $40.00
Teacher: Z'otz
Focus: Beaux-arts/Fine Arts
Semester: Printemps/Spring
Year: 2023
Spots Remaining: 12
Start Date: Jun 01, 2023
End Date: Jun 01, 2023
Schedule: Thursday from 16:30 - 18:30
Costs: $40.00 + tax (if applicable)
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