Lectures & Artist Talks


Karine Fréchette Astérismes
Thursday October 12, at 7 pm

The artist will discuss her recent production. She is investigating the relationship between colour, light, space and movement throughout her painting practice and is constantly researching ways to activate the space between the painting and spectator.

Lynn Price How Small a Thought
Thursday November 30, at 7 pm

This exhibition is a marking point in the artist’s research journey with the still life genre. She will discuss the contemporary possibilities for still life and the fact that it is the painter’s genre of choice when it comes to investigating human relationships with everyday objects and time through representation.

Intervention: 31 women painters
Conference: Friday February 2nd, 7 pm

The guest curator of this show, Harold Klunder, and participating artists will discuss this project, which features the work of 31 women painters who have contributed in meaningful ways to the re-invention of painting over the last six decades.

Ito Laïla Le François Toi et ta splendide laideur
Thursday March 8, 7 pm

The artist will discuss themes that are important to her artistic production such as the relationship between the body and the land, along with ways in which they resemble each other. She will also discuss the complexity of her creative work combining glass, ceramic, wood, and textile.

Laurence Pilon It Once was a Garden
Thursday May 10, 7 pm

Through their intimate nature, the paintings of Laurence Pilon have the ability to suspend desires of perfection and grandeur. Her works reveal a poetic merging of personal archeology, the everyday experience, and traces of history. The artist’s recent works reveal a sensitive vision of the world where the future contains intensified uncertainties.

Guest Curators: Qumaq Mangiuk-Iyaituk and Kathryn Delaney

Lecture: Friday June 1 at 7 pm
Workshop: Fri. June 1, 10 am – 4 pm

Through a number of workshops, Qumaq Manguik-Iyaituk, Mattiusi Iyaituk, and Kathryn Delaney engaged Inuit and Non-Inuit in developing storybooks based on the personal stories told by an Inuit elder. In this talk, they will describe the processes and products of this year-long series of workshops and the resulting exhibition, and will discuss how they encourage the empowerment of Inuit culture and traditional values.


From East to West: Painters through Montreal neighborhoods
with Esther Trépanier
Thursday October 19, at 7 pm

Numerous painters, men as well as women, Anglophones as well as Francophones or newly arrived immigrants, depicted the city and the diversity of its districts. In the context of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, this lecture offers us the opportunity to rediscover their works.


On Art and Obsession: The Life and Works of Alberto Giacometti
with Sebastien Fitch
Thursday December 7th at 7 pm

The romantic notion of the artist as solitary, obsessed genius is one that has long held the public’s imagination, and few in the history of art have epitomized this stereotype as succinctly as Alberto Giacometti. Explore Giacometti’s fascinating life and his work in plaster and paint.

My Ten Favourite Artworks

with Anna Jane McIntyre & Matthew Thomson
Thursday, October 26 at 7 pm
with Susan Fowler & Stephanie Reynolds
Wednesday, February 7 at 7 pm

Artists share their Ten Favourite Artworks. What draws them to these particular artworks? What have they learnt from them? Have they influenced or inspired their own artistic practice?

Artists Reaching Out

with Natasha S. Reid
Thursday May 24, 7pm

Natasha S. Reid will explore links between creative community spaces and contemporary artistic practices that address social concerns. She will share her interest in the stories of art educators and students and how they help identify the ways in which art centres impact their communities.


Tuesday October 17, 2017, December 12, 2017, and February 20, 2018, at 7 pm

Join producer/host Ilona Martonfi for our Poetry and Prose Reading series. Evenings feature well-known and recently published Montreal poets, prose writers, spoken word artists, and musical performances. ($6 at the door)