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Virtual tour (online): Thurs. Feb. 4 at 5 pm

Online Art Hive: Sat. Feb. 27 from 10 am to 12 pm

Exhibition: Feb. 5 to 27

The exhibition uses the furniture and architecture of the exhibition space itself to stage a spatial joust in which various organic motifs reshape the architectural space.

Marie-Ève Martel, Hétérotrophie cachée (detail), 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

Marie-Ève martel, Hétérotrophie totem, Mont-Laurier, 2019. Image courtesy of Nicolas Aubry. Marie-Ève Martel, Hétérotrophie rouge, 2017. Image courtesy of Jean Michael Seminaro.Marie-Ève Martel, Hétérotrophie rouge (detail), 2017. Image courtesy of Jean Michael Seminaro.

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