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Season 2006 – 2007

Teen Art Exhibition Connexion Lynn Millette Interior Experience
Faculty Exhibition Marcel Marois
Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond, Eva Lapka Terre, pierre et fer Annual Student Show
Sophie Jodoin Regiment Harold Klunder Amorphous Amoebae: Recent Paintings and Etchings
Manuel Lau Chiens vagabonds printmaking Mary Martha Guy The Newfoundland Series
Susan Valyi Sculpture Catherine Hoey Collage to Counterpane
David Gillanders Blind Spot L.O.V.E.

Teen Art Exhibition - Connexion

Teen Art Exhibition Connexion

Vernissage: Thursday, August 24 at 6 pm
Exhibition: August 8 to 26, 2006

Faculty Exhibition

Faculty Exhibition

Vernissage: Thursday, September 7 at 5 pm
Exhibition: September 8 to 30, 2006

Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond, Eva Lapka - Terre, pierre et fer

Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond, Eva Lapka Terre, pierre et fer

Curator: Hedwidge Asselin
Vernissage: Thursday, Octobre 6 at 6 pm
Exhibition: October 6 to 28, 2006
Curator’s Talk: Thursday, October 12 at 7 pm

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of sculptures by Montreal artists Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond and Eva Lapka.
The title of the exhibition evokes materials which have been used for centuries. The aim of Terre, pierre et fer is to show how contemporary artists use these materials.
Eva Lapka treats stoneware in a bold, raw manner, in keeping with the material’s innate qualities. She imbues her materials with a feminine sensuality, generosity and freedom.
Stone fascinates Jean-Louis Émond. His work manifests the essence of forms. The artist’s process, while rigorous and austere, also expresses an eloquence that brings a new vitality to his stones.
Jean Brillant works iron into simple forms, laid out as interconnected beams. His work expresses a fantasy that nevertheless maintains a remarkable coherence.

Sophie Jodoin - Regiment

Sophie Jodoin Regiment

Vernissage: Thursday, November 2 at 6 pm
Exhibition: November 3 to 25, 2006
Artist’s Talk: Thursday, November 9 at 7 pm

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present recent works by Montreal artist Sophie Jodoin. The exhibition, Regiment, consists of a series of small-format black and white oils on mylar and a Flash animation, made in collaboration avec David Jhave Johnston, displayed on a flat-screen computer monitor.
A regiment is an association of people constituting an administrative military unit. It is a systematized group, classified and subjected to control. Regiment finds its formal unity in a group sequence of “un-heroic” torsos. In exploiting the quantity of figures, one is faced with an overall sense of anonymity yet at the same time a distinctly non-idealized one. Regiment is intended as a cenotaph to the ordinary.
A precise methodological process analogous to still photography was necessary for the creation of the oils on mylar. The repeated motif of the human torso is the basis for an examination of collectivity, individuality, fragmentation and redundancy.
The digital animation explores a parallel, intermediate territory; inverting the anonymity of the oils to arrive at a paradoxical intimacy. The body, masked and blurred by technology, becomes a site of ambiguous meanings. By focusing attention on the gaze, it initiates a process of self-recognition.

Sophie Jodoin studied Visual Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, graduating in 1988. She has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe. Her works can be found in private and public collections both in North America and in Europe. She lives and works in Montreal.

Manuel Lau - Chiens vagabonds printmaking

Susan Valyi - Sculpture

Manuel Lau Chiens Vagabonds Printmaking
Susan Valyi Sculpture

Vernissage: Thursday, November 30 at 6 pm
Exhibition: December 1 to 22, 2006

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present two solo exhibitions, both of which have as their theme animal imagery. In the small gallery, Manuel Lau’s Chiens vagabonds is an exhibition of hand-coloured collagraphs and woodcuts mounted on small boxes and large mixed-media prints. In Lau’s native South America, dogs are everywhere; the artist admires, “their capacity to survive, just like many human beings, in the streets.”
In the large gallery, Susan Valyi presents a series of recent mixed-media assemblage sculptures that continue to explore her fascination with metamorphic images of bird and human figures. A large sculpture of a bird-woman on a horse sits in the center of the large gallery, surrounded by seven smaller sculptures along the outside walls. This work is part of her ongoing Last Series, a growing body of quirky sculptures built from shoe lasts and scavenged wood that explores postures and gestures that are both anthropomorphic and mythical.

Manuel Lau was born in Lima, Peru. He studied printmaking at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Lima. He currently lives and works in Montreal. Manuel has exhibited his works in Peru, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Germany, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, United States and Canada. Manuel Lau recently completed an artist’s residency in October, 2006 at the Landis National Museum of Hesse in Darmstadt, Germany.

Susan Valyi lives and works near the small Franco-Ontarian town of St. Eugène, on the Quebec Border. She has been actively producing work and exhibiting since her studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in the mid 70’s. She has recently participated in the following group exhibitions: The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Objects and Icons at arthouse in Calgary. Susan Valyi is represented by Sandra Goldie Gallery, Montreal, La Freniere & Pai Gallery, Ottawa and Muse Gallery, Toronto.

David Gillanders - Blind Spot

David Gillanders Blind Spot

Vernissage: Thursday, January 4 at 6 pm
Exhibition: January 5 to 27, 2007

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present Blind Spot, an exhibition of recent landscape paintings and drawings by David Gillanders.
A blind spot is a place outside of one’s range of perception. What is there is not hidden, but goes unseen. The oil paintings and drawings take as a starting point the idea that we navigate a world we don’t fully see or comprehend. Our perceptions provide us with one version of reality, but not the whole. Gillanders’ paintings represent memories of landscapes. The works range from colourful expanses of trees and sky, to smooth, monochromatic portions of negative space.
The artist states: “The paintings and drawings are landscapes, some more obviously so than others. They are images of places I have known. They are not so much painted from memory as they are painted as memories; vague, incomplete, at times reduced to a small detail, sometimes parts are mixed up, overlapped, not quite correctly arranged. There is something there, but there is always something missing”.

David Gillanders, born in Toronto, lives and works in Montreal. He received a BA from the University of Western Ontario in 1990 and a Diploma in Education from McGill University in 1992. In recent years his drawings and paintings have been exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Galerie Port-Maurice and the Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay (Montreal), as well as at the Stewart Hall Gallery, Pointe Claire, and the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. In 2006, two works by David Gillanders were acquired by the Collection Prêt d’oeuvres d’art, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

Lynn Millette - Interior Experience

Lynn Millette Interior Experience

Vernissage: Thursday, February 1 at 6 pm
Exhibition: February 2 to 24, 2007

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present Interior Experience, an exhibition of recent large format acrylic paintings by Lynn Millette.
The richly detailed and undulating surfaces of Lynn Millette’s paintings record the process of self-reflection. The artist focuses on the sensations inside her body and traces the anatomical journey of her thoughts. A line, like an electrical current, marks every moment of her experience of time. The accumulation of coiled lines creates hills and valleys that reflect an internal landscape of sensory experience.
Lynn Millette states, “Through my process, I consider the surface of the canvas as a place to connect, intersect, weave or knot things together. I express physical states like tension, pressure, tightness, and other human phenomena like intuition or projection. Beneath me I imagine cables, lines and other networks like nerves, veins and tissue.”

Lynn Millette lives and works in Montreal. She received a BFA from Concordia University, an MFA from Université du Québec à Montréal and, in 2005, a Ph.D. from Concordia University. In recent years her work has been exhibited at Observatoire 4 and the Maison de la Culture Plateau Mont-Royal. Her work is included in the Collection patrimoniale de la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec and in private collections in Canada and the U.S.A.

Marcel Marois

Curator: Roger Bellemare
Vernissage: Thursday, March 1 at 6 pm
Exhibition: March 2 to 24, 2007, 2008
Conference: Thursday, March 8 at 7 pm

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of tapestries by Marcel Marois, curated by Roger Bellemare. Marcel Marois celebrates the narrative tradition of tapestry using the Gobelins technique of high warp loom tapestry, developed in France hundreds of years ago.
Marcel Marois is an outstanding figure in the field of textile arts, in Canada as well as on the international scene. Since 1975, he has created many small and large works, some of which require a year to produce. The allegories illustrated are often inspired by images from the artist’s collection of newspaper photographs. Marcel Marois’ work underlines the contrast between the spontaneous and ephemeral nature of the news, and the labour intensive and permanent nature of tapestry.

Marcel Marois has contributed to the renewed interest in textile arts through the quality of his work, his engagement with the medium and his teaching. Born in 1949 in Saint-Éphrem de Beauce, Marcel Marois lives and works in Quebec City. He studied tapestry at the École des Beaux-arts de Québec from 1967 to 1971. Since the beginning of his practice he has been influenced by the tradition inherited from the National Gobelins Manufacture in Paris.
Roger Bellemare has been devoted to the distribution and promotion of contemporary art in Montreal since the early 70s. His numerous activities and projects have brought contemporary art to a larger public. Since 1971, he has been Director of the Roger Bellemare Gallery in Montreal.

Annual Student Show 2006-2007

Annual Student Show

Vernissage: Saturday, March 31 at 12 pm
Exhibition: March 31 to April 18, 2007

Exhibition Press Release:

Students registered in the School of Art’s winter session are invited to exhibit their work in our Annual Student Exhibition. The exhibition, which includes hundreds of works in a wide variety of media, gives students the experience of seeing their work in the context of a professional gallery. It also provides an opportunity for students and public to see the great diversity of creative activity that takes place at the Centre.

Harold Klunder - Amorphous Amoebae: Recent Paintings and Etchings

Harold Klunder Amorphous Amoebae: Recent Paintings and Etchings

Guest Curator: James D. Campbell
Vernissage and Book Launch: Thursday, April 26 at 6 pm
Exhibition: April 27 to May 19, 2007
Curator’s Talk: Thursday, May 3 at 7 pm

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings and etchings by Harold Klunder, curated by James D. Campbell, well-known critic and writer. The paintings, oil on canvas and board, have all been recently executed in the artist’s Montreal studio. To coincide with the exhibition, the McClure Gallery is also pleased to launch the monograph, Harold Klunder, Amorphous Amoebae. The monograph offers over 40 colour plates of the artist’s work, with a major text on the artist by Mr. Campbell.
Harold Klunder, one of Canada’s most accomplished and respected painters, has enjoyed an active studio practice for almost 40 years. For his exhibition at the McClure Gallery, Klunder will present new works which are being exhibited for the first time. The richly coloured paintings include elements of both abstraction and figuration, creating, in Klunder’s words, a “psychic realism” that depicts the process of transformation subject matter undergoes as it is translated through the artist’s mind. Each painting creates its own world, abundant with richly coloured organic forms, many of which reference his on-going investigation of the theme of self-portraiture.
Curator’s Talk: James D. Campbell will discuss the major themes of his text on Klunder. The artist will be present and the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions of both Mr. Campbell and Mr. Klunder following the presentation.

Harold Klunder was born in 1943 in Deventer, The Nertherlands. In 1952 he immigrated to Canada with his family. He received his advanced education at Central Technical School in Toronto where he studied art under Canadian artists Doris McCarthy, Charles Goldhammer and Virginia Luz. Klunder’s practice reflects a diversity of interests including painting, printmaking, photography, performance and improvisational music. His work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions across North America, Europe, Asia and South America and is represented in public and private collections across Canada and abroad, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. While working and teaching in Montreal, he continues to maintain studios in Flesherton Ontario and Berlin Germany.

Mary Martha Guy - The Newfoundland Series

Catherine Hoey - Collage to Counterpane

Mary Martha Guy The Newfoundland Series
Catherine Hoey Collage to Counterpane

Vernissage: Thursday, May 24 at 6 pm
Exhibition: May 25 to June 16, 2007

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present two solo exhibitions. Mary Martha Guy’s The Newfoundland Series features paintings and drawings that express the artist’s love for the land and sea of Newfoundland. The works are inspired by the very basic life of the island, the white house built wherever needed, the simple fishing dory and the rock beneath it all. Guy, however, pushes these elements towards their most abstracted forms, offering the viewer a poetic and evocative interpretation of her subject.
Catherine Hoey’s Collage to Counterpane is a series of large fabric collages and small studies on paper. The counterpanes combine Hoey’s attraction to abstract art, as well as her interest in the Gees Bend Quilts and the Latin narrative of the Bayeux Tapestries. The rich colour and texture of the quilt’s recycled fabrics bear witness to the past. Stains, patches and tears from previous use are reworked into new forms through cutting, piecing, stitching and writing.

Mary Martha Guy lives and works in Montreal and North Hatley. She studied at the Arts Student’s League in New York from 1958 to 1959 and received a BFA from Concordia University in 1988. Most recently, Guy’s work was included in an exhibition at the Bombardier Gallery in Valcourt in 2005 and a solo exhibition at the Victoria Hall Art Gallery in Westmount in 2004. Her work is included in public and private collections in Canada, the US, France and England.

Catherine Hoey lives and works in Perth, Ontario. She studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore (1972-74) and at Concordia University in Montreal (1975-80). She has worked extensively with wood block printing on fabric in Lagos, Nigeria. As a member of the OKWA (Organization of Kingston Women Artists) she exhibited paintings in juried exhibitions at the Edward Day Gallery (1993) and Union Gallery (1994) in Kingston. She presented a solo exhibition of paintings at the Mississauga Public Library in 2002.


Vernissage: Thursday, June 21 at 6 pm
Exhibition: June 22 to July 14, 2007

Exhibition Press Release:

The McClure Gallery of the Visual Arts Centre is pleased to host a project by LOVE. Leave Out Violence, a non-profit organization, works with youth aged 13 to 18 whose lives have been burdened by violence, either as victims, perpetrators, or witnesses.
LOVE youth first learn to understand themselves through photography, writings, multimedia and video pieces. In this exhibition, the youth of Leave Out Violence trace the dramatic evolution of LOVE from its humble beginnings in Montreal to a global youth movement.
Through their creative work, LOVE youth transcend barriers and change people’s perceptions. More importantly, they acquire specific skills and in the process, develop a community conscience. In this way, they change the course of their lives.
One of Canada’s leading – and most successful – youth violence prevention organizations, LOVE spreads the message of non-violence in schools and communities across Canada in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and in New York City.
This exhibition is made possible through a generous grant to the Visual Arts Centre’s Teen Outreach Program from the TD Bank Financial Group.

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