Benjamin Klein Generator

October 31 to November 22, 2014
Vernissage : Thursday November 27 at 6 pm

We are pleased to welcome Benjamin Klein to the McClure Gallery for this exhibition, Generator. The exhibition includes approximately ten oil paintings on canvas, all executed over the last two years. The work is part of a duo venue exhibition at the McClure and the Joyce Yahouda Gallery and is accompanied by a catalogue.

Benjamin Klein’s recent body of work takes its impulse from fantasy, adopting the microbial universe of the ladybug and other attendant insects as a site from which to explore the act of painting. With their sensuous, expressive brushwork and strident colour, Klein’s canvases delineate an alternately luminous and darkly foreboding universe, an odd and irreverent world that speaks boldly of quotidian hallucinations, allegory, myth and the power of paint to articulate the allusive, the liminal.

The exhibition title reveals the artist’s intent – painting as generator, as an act of regeneration. The catalogue essays by John Bentley Mays and Ashley Johnson address Klein’s rejection of inherited aesthetic formalism, his preference to plunge headlong into ‘dreamtime’, a space and place that honours embodied experience, where surreal and real merge to reveal new ways of meaning-making relevant to our times. In the service of his imaginative forays, the artist avails himself of all manner of painting strategies – from landscape and narrative to figuration and abstract. As Mays notes, these works are “strong, intelligent, urgent.”

Benjamin Klein was born in Chicago and grew up in Montreal. In 2005 he received his BFA from Concordia University, where he graduated with great distinction and was awarded the Guido Molinari prize in Studio Arts. He completed his MFA in the summer of 2013 at the University of Guelph. He is represented by the Joyce Yahouda Gallery.