Dil Hildebrand
Whilst Hanging from a Round Planet

Vernissage: Thursday February 4 at 6 pm
Exhibition: February 5 to 27
Talk: Thursday February 11 at 7 pm

The McClure Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Whilst Hanging From a Round Planet featuring recent paintings and collages by Dil Hildebrand. Hildebrand’s paintings and drawings centre on the architectural and constructed image. The paintings that comprise the main part of his work mimic the scale and structure of architecture, framing the body in life-sized patterns. Inspired originally by ancient Roman trompe-l’oeil frescoes and informed by a diversity of other influences and interests including Henri Matisse and modern architectural movements, Hildebrand explores the shared lineage of architectural formation, in particular, the window / door motif, with painted images.

This exhibition takes its title from a passage in The Nature of the Physical World by physicist Sir Arthur Eddington. He describes how the seemingly simple act of entering a room becomes a series of complex reflections for the physicist, as he considers the role that gravity, the rotation of the earth around the sun, and the fourth dimension all play in the movement of his body into a constructed space, writing:

“I must make sure of landing on a plank travelling at twenty miles a second round the sun – a fraction of a second too early or too late, the plank would be miles away. I must do this whilst hanging from a round planet, head outward into space, and with a wind of aether blowing at no one knows how many miles a second through every interstice of my body.”

The artist notes that such paralyzing ambivalence can in a sense serve to describe “the act of making and perhaps even encountering paintings – a physical revulsion to the prospect of being transformed by the experience.” The sense of the body’s instability in motion described so eloquently by Eddington finds its parallel in the dizzying experience of entering the pictorial space of Hildebrand’s paintings and collages, where the illusion of varying planes of space is contradicted by punctuations of flat line, and textural elements are just as likely to be realized by the collaging of materials as by the skillful painting of a convincing illusion. Such corporeal instability in viewing the work is both enriched and countered by the artist’s carefully nuanced palette which adds an element of resonant poetry to the mix.

Dil Hildebrand is an artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. Hildebrand’s work has been shown internationally and has been collected by major public institutions throughout Canada. Hildebrand is an MFA graduate of Concordia University, Montreal, and has been awarded a number of distinguished grants and awards including the International Residency at Acme Studios, London UK (2013); the Canada Council for the Arts (2010); the Banff Centre Thematic Residency (2009); Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (2009) and was winner of the RBC National Painting Competition (2006).

The artist would like to thank Pierre-Francois Ouellette art contemporain and Canada Council for the Arts.

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