Joëlle Morosoli: Chaos pénétrable 

Vernissage: Thursday January 5th at 6 pm
Exhibition: January 6 to 28

The McClure Gallery is pleased to feature the work of Joëlle Morosoli in the exhibition, Chaos pénétrable. For more than twenty years, Morosoli has created sculptures in motion. For this exhibition, realized in collaboration with Rolf Morosoli, two major installations, Trame funeste and Dédale végétal, are featured, providing a multi-sensorial as well as emotive experience for the viewer. “I create kinetic installations in which movement is used to appeal to the emotions. I attempt to express a range of feelings that only rhythm manages to convey. The movement that I create is not the simple animation of objects, an attempt to make forms move, but rather my aim is to give form to movement by transforming the gallery, by presenting shapes and altering colours, and by moving shadows that take over the space.” Viewers are invited to wander through the installation.  By combining their own movements with those of the works, they can live the experience of duration, thus participating in the invention of a form of time.

In the larger gallery space, a shapeless tangle of ropes rises up from the floor. These ropes become a wall of bars, creating a series of barriers on which human shapes are formed. As the ropes are fully extended, these figures, through their bodily expressions, suggest a desire to escape. Trame funeste is an allegory for the hidden world of our taboos and our powerlessness. The installation Dédale végétal, in the smaller front gallery, features a series of large wood panels hung in a way that suggests or references the path of its falling. The vegetal shapes, which allow light to filter through the panels, suggest a ghostly forest in which one might easily become disoriented or lose their way.

JOËLLLE MOROSOLI obtained her Doctorate in
Aesthetics, Science and Technology in the Arts at Paris 8 University in France. She has participated in more than thirty solo shows and realised twenty five public art pieces. She co-founded the art journal Espace, for which she was assistant editor from 1987 to 1997. In 2007, she published an essay L’installation en mouvement: une esthétique de la violence (“The installation in motion: an aesthetics of violence”) with the Editions Art LeSabord in which she discuss movement in body art and in kinetic, video and digital installations. Morosoli lives and works in Montréal and teaches visual art at Cegep de Saint-Laurent.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 pm to 6 pm; Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm